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Internationally acclaimed physiotherapist (physical therapist) Peggy Schoedinger (pronounced Shed-ing-er) has taught over 700 courses across North America, South America, Australia, Asia, Africa and Europe, including Bad Ragaz, Switzerland.

Her current International Schedule encompasses Australia and South Africa, as well as the USA.


A full range of aquatic topics and techniques


Peggy teaches a full range of over 40 aquatic topics and techniques, including Watsu®, The Bad Ragaz Ring Method, Halliwick Concept In Rehabilitation, Aquatic Manual Therapy, Trunk/Core Stabilization, and Aquatic Sensory Integration, for the effective treatment of neurological, orthopedic, rheumatic, sports medicine and pediatric patient populations. Every seminar she teaches is unique and specifically tailored to the needs of the particular facility and the course participants.  Would you like to host a course in your part of the world?


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Peggy is an acknowledged master of multiple approaches to aquatic therapy and aquatic bodywork from six continents.  She blends all these techniques into a comprehensive approach that is uniquely hers.

Peggy is the creator of Clinical Watsu, including Watsu 3: Free Flow Adapted for Clients With Special Needs.  Clinical Watsu focuses on adapting Watsu for working effectively with special needs populations.  Peggy is the only physiotherapist in the world who is a certified instructor for Watsu 1, 2 and 3.  And she is one of only six instructors internationally who are qualified to train and certify other Watsu instructors.

Teaching thousands of people has made Peggy uniquely skilled at passing on information and techniques simply and effectively to suit each person’s learning style.  You’ll leave with great skills you can use immediately.

Peggy’s instructional DVDs are available to enhance your skills – a great reminder of all the amazing techniques you learned in your classes with Peggy.


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from around the globe


Peggy travels extensively every year to teach.  Her frequent international trips allow her to stay abreast of the latest techniques and information from around the globe.  Come join her in one or more of her international courses.

Experience her inspirational teaching style for yourself and learn what’s happening in aquatic therapy around the world today!


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