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Peggy is an awesome presenter with a wealth of knowledge, vast experience, playful humour, love and compassion. Esther Miller, physiotherapist, South Africa

A Personal Note

Hello Aquatic Friends,

I am excited to be supervising multiple Clinical WATSU® 3 courses in South Africa from Oct-Dec 2024 with excellent instructors Adele Pudney and Hagar Guttman.

For dates, full details and registration for these courses, please contact Adele Pudney at or

I hope you'll be able to join us!

Hugs and kindest wishes, Peggy

Attend an information-packed course
Find a great course for you in South Africa in Oct-Dec 2024.    read more
Peggy’s 4 DVDs will enhance your skills
4 DVD set includes brilliant underwater views!  6 hours detailing over 100 active and passive techniques.   read more