Peggy’s DVDs


Hands-on Active and Passive2 DVDs of Active Techniques and 2 DVDs of Passive Techniques

Aquatic Therapy Techniques

4 DVD set


* Over 100 Hands-On Techniques
* 6 hours of detailed instruction
* Underwater views of all techniques
* Step-by-step instruction for every technique
* Outstandingly clear audio
* Detailed menus to help you find techniques for quick reviews


It’s like having Peggy right there with you!!


Courses with Peggy are so packed with information, it can be
hard to remember every detail afterward.  
A set of Peggy’s DVDs is the perfect solution – a comprehensive,
easy to use resource that will help you to:


* Remember all the superb hands-on techniques you learned in courses
* Recall all those important cues for each technique
* Refine your skills so you are more effective with your patients
* Improve your mechanics so you can work with less effort
* Be inspired with ideas when working with an especially challenging patient


When viewing this video and the Active and Passive Techniques samples further down this page, you can view them full screen as soon as a video clip is playing, by clicking the symbol next to the word ‘Vimeo’ at lower right of  the image.  Video clips will repeat – click pause button to stop. 


Want to see more?


  • View detailed menus of the DVDs.  go to menus
  • View samples of the disks below        

Active Techniques sample                                                        Passive Techniques sample


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