Watsu® Instructor Training Course (La Center, WA 2020)


Welcome to the International Team-Taught

Watsu® Instructor Training Course (ITC)


February 15-22, 2020 
Course begins 5 pm Saturday February 15 and ends Saturday February 22

Location:    White Stone Institute, La Center, Washington (approx 30 min out of Portland, Oregon)

Application Form:    see  Team Taught ITC Application Form and Video Instructions

Further information:    contact the Team at  team.itc.atc@gmail.com 


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Course description

The last six years of team collaboration with input from ATC students has coalesced our teaching material for ITC.  We have learned from you our students what helps you be a better assistant and future Instructor.  As a result, in this ITC great care will be given to each individual student’s needs, and in helping them find their confidence in teaching their own classes.

This exciting course will include extensive pool and land sessions covering:

  • Role of the Instructor
  • Creating Safe Container/Group Dynamics
  • Managing Communication During Class
  • Developing and Teaching Land and Pool Classes
  • Professional and Business Ethics
  • Tips for Starting and Marketing a Business

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn with internationally known Watsu instructors Peggy Schoedinger, Cameron West and Mary Seamster!!



Course Fees

(shown in US dollars, include lodging in shared rooms)

  • Arriving From USA $1800
  • From Other Countries of North America $1600
  • From All Other Continents $1500

$500 Deposit Due With Application

Final Payment Due January 31, 2020.



Please see the WABA website www.watsu.com, click on ‘WABR pdfs’, then ‘ATC-ITC Program’, then scroll down to ‘ITC Prerequisites’.


Course Instructors

Peggy Schoedinger PT

As a physiotherapist and leading teacher in the fields of Aquatic Therapy and Clinical Watsu, which she pioneered, Peggy has taught over 700 courses across North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe. Peggy seeks to bring joyful laughter and deep sensitivity for the heart to all her clients and students.

Mary Seamster

Mary’s many years of exploring the physical and emotional delayering of the body has influenced her teaching both of Watsu and Amnion®. She has brought her passion for professionalism and ethical behavior both to the Ethics Committee and presently to WABR’S Educational Standards Committee.

Cameron West CMT, SEP

Cameron specializes in the training of practitioners in Physical and Somatic Therapy practices. Her Aquatic Integration and Watsu curriculum have been approved by NCBTMB and WABA for CEC. Cameron’s passion is to assist students to deepen their connection between Eastern and Western practices.


We’re looking forward to having you with us in August!


Team Taught ITC Application Form and Video Instructions

View or print the flyer