South Africa 2020-2021


Covid Safety for Courses in South Africa 

South Africa is my favorite place to teach!  I really want to come this year!  At the same time, I am closely following the Covid-19 situation in South Africa.  I’m communicating frequently with the owners of the pools in Cape Town and Springs.  September 9 will be one month prior to the start of my first course in South Africa.  At that time the pool owners and I will make a final decision regarding courses in SA this year.  

This is when you will receive confirmation regarding these courses.

PLEASE READ Peggy Schoedinger’s Covid-19 Protocol


1.  Courses in Springs (near Johannesburg)


Advanced International Aquatic Therapy Techniques  

October 9, 10, 11 and 13, 14, 15   (6 day course)

Dive into the most comprehensive, in-depth, practical, hands-on, Aquatic Therapy course offered anywhere!

This course will massively expand your skills in all areas of Aquatic Therapy for neurological, orthopaedic and paediatric patient populations.

Learn in an exclusive group with a maximum of 10 participants.  You’ll receive extensive hands-on guidance from Peggy for all of the techniques.

Gain skills in… more details and photos


Designing the Best Aquatic Exercise Programs

October 17-18   (1.5 day course)

By popular demand, an extra half day of additional material has been added to this course!!

If you want to learn a wide variety of highly effective exercises plus their indications and precautions for common ailments, then this is the class for you!

The focus will be on… more details and photos


2.  Courses in Cape Town


Watsu® 1

October 26-31   (5.5 day course)

Start your Watsu journey with this exceptional course.  You will learn amazing ways of supporting and moving people in the water in slow, flowing movements and stretches.

Watsu benefits EVERYONE (children and adults) by helping to decrease pain, improve range of motion, improve posture, improve relaxation, and decrease stress.

You will learn new and effective ways to… more details and photos



November 2-7   (5.5 day course)

Expand and perfect your wonderful Watsu skills!  

By popular demand, an extra half day of additional material has been added to this course!

This course will take your Watsu skills to the next level through learning more Watsu techniques and expanding the adaptations of Watsu techniques for clients with various needs.

Learn how to use these techniques with a wider range of clients… more details and photos


Watsu® 3

November 10-15   (5.5 day course)

This is an exceptional course with the focus on learning the essence of Watsu, which is free-flow. 

As one previous participant in South Africa described it, “There’s Watsu 1, then Watsu 2, and then there is Peggy’s Watsu WONDERFUL!!”

Learn how to move freely by adapting and creating movements to address the specific needs of each and every individual.  We all have ‘special’ needs!

Videos will demonstrate Watsu being adapted for people with a wide variety of challenges.  more details and photos

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