Clinical WATSU® 3 (South Africa 2023)


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Course Description

As one previous participant in South Africa described it, “There’s WATSU 1, then WATSU 2, and then there is Peggy’s WATSU WONDERFUL!!”

Learn how to move freely by adapting and creating movements to address the specific needs of each and every individual.  We all have ‘special’ needs!

Videos will demonstrate WATSU being adapted for people with a wide variety of challenges.  Additionally, two hands-on sessions with clients with various needs will enable participants to directly witness the extraordinary benefits of this work for clients.  Each participant will have the opportunity to practice with clients whose challenges are well within the scope of practice for the participant’s profession. 

By popular demand, a FULL extra day of additional material has been added to this course
for no additional cost!

Join us!  You’ll be astounded by the possibilities!


Course Prerequisite

Successful completion of WATSU 2 and completion of all other requirements as stated on the WABA web site  Prior to class, please complete all of the practice sessions you are required to give (20 minimum, but we recommend many more).  Bring your logbook and evidence of WABA-required coursework.  A fee is required by WABA for full certification as a WATSU Practitioner.   


Learning Objectives

At the completion of this course participants will be able to:

  1. Effectively apply advanced WATSU techniques for clients with a range of needs as appropriate within the scope of each participant’s professional practice.
  2. Modify, adapt and create WATSU techniques for all appropriate client populations by knowing when a specific technique is needed, as well as when and how to modify techniques.
  3. Flow smoothly during WATSU sessions from one movement to the next following the needs of the client by adapting and creating the movements as needed throughout each individual’s session.
  4. Incorporate advanced WATSU into comprehensive aquatic programs by combining WATSU with active/resistance exercises and progressing to land-based functional goals.


Course Schedule

Day 1 
8:00    Discussion/Sharing about WATSU Experiences Since WATSU 2
Successes and Challenges
10:00    Pool Lab
Ai Chi Techniques
Sessions Using All WATSU Techniques Learned In WATSU 1 and 2  
12:30    Lunch   
1:30    Pool Lab:
Patient Treatment Challenges and Solutions
Expanding and Exploring Moves for Each Individual    
6:30    Completion

Day 2 
8:00    Physiology of Immersion and WATSU
9:00    Pool Lab:
Aquatic Body Mechanics
Exploration and Following Movement
12:30    Lunch
1:30    Precautions for WATSU
Assessing Clients 
Initial Intake and Screening
2:30    Pool Lab:
Side Changes Including Rolls
Utilisation of Massage, Stretching and other Soft Tissue Mobilisation according to each participant’s scope of practice
6:30    Completion

Day 3
8:00    Pool Lab:
Exploring, Modifying and Creating Movements for Trunk and Extremities
Selecting and Developing Movements for Each Individual’s Needs
12:30    Lunch
1:30    Client Treatment Video and Discussion
Safety and Precautions in the Aquatic Environment
Transfers, Gait, Stairs, Emergency Situations
3:30    Pool Lab:
Working with Noodles and Collars in Supine
Exploring and Following Movement
6:30    Completion

Day 4
8:00    Utilising WATSU for Clients with Stiffness and Movement Limitations
Choosing Appropriate Movements
Discuss and Plan for Clients
9:00    Pool Lab:
Sessions with Clients with Stiffness and Movement Limitations
Post Session Discussion and Debriefing
12:30    Lunch
1:30   Client Video and Discussion
Exploring and Following Movement
3:30    Pool Lab:
Follow Movement and Free Flow
6:30    Completion

Day 5
8:00    Using WATSU for Clients with Various Challenges
Choosing Appropriate Movements
Discuss And Plan For Clients
9:00    Pool Lab:
Sessions with Clients with Various Challenges
Post Session Discussion and Debriefing
12:30    Lunch
1:30   Client Video and Discussion
2:30    Pool Lab: 
Free Flow and New Side Changes

6:30    Completion

Day 6

8:00    Following Movement in Each Individual
Creating New Moves Using Core Fundamentals
10:00    Pool Lab:
Final Sessions
12:30    Lunch
1:30   Client Video and Discussion
Certificate Presentation
4.30    Completion


What to bring to your WATSU 3 course

  • Towels
  • Swimming Costumes (2 or more recommended)
  • Robe recommended for tea times
  • Water Bottle
  • Earplugs or Bostik Prestik
  • Your own food for lunch and snacks.  Tea and coffee are provided
  • Pen and paper
  • A printed copy of the course manual from the PDF file emailed to you before the course, or electronic copy on your tablet or laptop
  • Completed Logbooks (download them from the WABA site at
  • Please note: All course work and sessions given must be completed before coming to WATSU 3.  Bring evidence of all the necessary course work (as stated on plus the sessions you’ve given.
  • Please Note: There is a US$50 fee for WABA WATSU Practitioner Certification.  Please bring this with you to class in US cash if possible or R750.


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